Go Airlines - Flight cancellation during Christmas holidays


We purchased tickets in August for travel on Dec.21st from HNL to KOA.

We were called on Oct. 18th and informed that our flight had been cancelled and they would need to move us. I spent over 40 minutes on the phone and the best they could do was to split my family up and have us depart 2.5 hours apart from each other. They refused to accommodate all of us on a flight closes to the original departure time as that flight made a stop in Maui instead of being nonstop.

RIDICULOUS!! They were willing to change us to Maui but we would need to buy 4 additional tickets at over $100 each to fly from Maui to Kona. It is all about revenue with them. They could have put us all on a flight getting us into Kona 1.5 hours later but the resulting cost per their website was going to be 1537.24 whereas our original cost was 656.80.

The "supervisor," Joyce (JJ), was constantly interrupting me, talking over me and had absolutely no willingness to do whatever it took to make things right.

The worst customer service I have ever encountered!Do not fly with this company!!!!

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Go Airlines - Worst flight experience ever


I was scheduled to fly on flight YV 1007 on August 2nd from Lihue to Honolulu, continuing on to Kona (with the same flight number). From the beginning, it was a disaster:

(1) The flight from Lihue to Honolulu was cancelled without notification.

(2) Customers received no apology from any Go! Airlines representatives for the cancellation.

(3) Passengers were forced to wait in line at Lihue Airport for more than 3 hours while Go! tried to charter another flight.

(4) After finally chartering a flight from Island Air, passengers were sent to the Island Air desk for check-in. However, Island Air did not receive the booking information from Go! Airlines for another 45 minutes, during which passengers were again forced to wait.

(5) By the time we entered the secure area in Lihue Airport, the restaurants were closed, and so passengers went hungry.

(6) We were told that there would be a connecting flight scheduled from Honolulu to Kona, but never received updates about the departure or arrival time of this flight. When I asked the Go! representatives, they were unable to provide accurate information.

(7) Go Airlines staff were inexcusably trained. I received scowls and bad attitudes from three different staff members at the check-in gates. Also, at the check-in desk in Lihue, one of the Go staff moaned that they should find new jobs. Further, the other staff at the Lihue check-in threatened to call the transport police because another customer was "giving her attitude." Finally, while customers waited in limbo in Honolulu without updated information regarding the connecting flight to Kona, the four or five Go representatives at the gate laughed continuously within earshot of all the passengers, without even the pretense of sympathy for our condition.

(8) Despite waiting in Lihue for four hours and another hour and a half or so in Honolulu, we received no food, only a free bottle of water.

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Go Airlines - Cancellations and Delays

Kailua Kona, Hawaii 2 comments

Wrote reviews on all review sites.Everyone should email complaints to the Better Business Bureau and Dept.

of Trans portation! I did! Never fly this airlines! Vacations that I spent thousands on ruined not to mention crushed dreams.

We stayed at the airport for over 4 hours before they cancelled our flight. Only one Go plane arrived in 4 hours. My wifes flight also delayed and then cancelled froma different island. People were rioting and even the security and airport personnel said it happens MULTIPLE times a day!

Go Air needs to Go away!

I will never fly Go again!I would rather pay more on another airlines!

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Yes we had the same experience and it cost us an additional $1,400 in travel because we had to book on Hawaiian to actually get to Kona.The Go flight was delayed for over 24 hours and then we would only be on standby at 8:30 the following evening.

When we arrived in Kona there was such a back log of people trying to get a rent a car through dollar there were no cars left so we had to cancel that reservation and book through Avis. It took 2 days of our 7 day vacation and cost us $1,400 more.

The airlines returned our money but they did not care about the additional expense or the days we lost.I only get 7 days a year vacation it was horrible.

Honolulu, Hawaii, United States #693968

I agree I went through the same experience this weekend going to and coming back from Kauai.This airline does not care about people.

They should go away from the islands.

Go Airlines - The Horror of Go! Airlines (Hawaii)

Honolulu, Hawaii 1 comment

What a flight I had on GO, brothers, what a flight! What an experience! I had been enjoying myself in Maui so much I never wanted to leave and those canny mind readers at GO, they sure had my ticket. Well first there was the delay, then the cancellation!! Wowzers, fellows, think of all that time on my hands in some beautiful Maui airport. After two peaceful hours unburdened by news, updates, information or communication whatsoever from the staff, I thought I might enquire at the counter and hey presto, new tickets for a new flight. Out of nowhere! The deafening silence must have drowned out that announcement. But, friends, these are reliable folks at GO so one delay wouldn't be true to form and here we were again, the next flight delayed! And then delayed again!

And then again!!

And then again!!

And again!

One surprise after the next! And I do so love provincial airports my brothers, the country air, the sweet smell of kerosene. And GO, folks, they saw fit to give me 9 LONG HOURS at the airport, all that for a 20 minute flight. What a bargain!! Daylight in Honolulu is so overrated, or so I'm told, having been kindly denied the opportunity to test it for myself (much obliged, by the way)

Sure i could have left the airport and spent some time in Maui (if they'd told me i had an 9 hour wait - but I enjoyed being kept in the pitch black dark by them - no need to worry yourself brother) but then i would've missed boarding gate 9. What a sight it was! What carpet! The drinking fountain - what steel, the strength of it. Like Hercules of old! And the view! All empty runway and deserted boarding bay. The masters themselves couldn't paint one better.

And the reasons why we were delayed? why these luxurious hours were gifted to yours truly? well ignorance is bliss my friends and not a word, hint of the cause or reason was ever uttered to us lesser mortals. When one did venture to enquire however, well good friends, nothing says customer service like 'I don't know anything more than you and there's nothing I can do' (the Internet, nor indeed the telephone, apparently has not yet arrived to bother peaceful Maui). There I was thinking I didn't know anything about running an airline when I'm told I'm knowledgable enough to be managing one, and by the supervisor in charge no less. A rare compliment and much appreciated. A new career perhaps, well maybe at GO airlines..

But friends, I never wanted to go to Honolulu anyway and that hotel I booked was a waste of money (well it is now anyway) so thanks, GO, for denying me any time there or giving me a refund so I could buy a ticket on another airline and get there earlier (apparently i was eligible for one after the first cancellation but the PA system, which roared like one of those jets I hear they have at other airports, whenever they notified a cancellation, was strangely silent about that) or scheduling any replacement flights or doing anything. at. all. We were on island-time friends, plenty of time to relax, no need to worry yourself.

With this experience GO also made my much dreaded 8 hour transpacific international flight the next day seem like the blink of an eye. So I suppose for that too, I am also in their debt.

All-in-all a wonderful final day for my Hawaii vacation (11.5 HOURS spent at airports in total, but 20mins of that was in the air, and lets be honest, quite unavoidable), only spoilt by some ingrates claiming it to be the single worst flying experience of their life, that a boat would've been a faster and more reliable method of transportation (this is, admittedly, true), some even remarked that they wouldn't bother to return to Hawaii ever again as a result

But from me, only...


ps: I was a little annoyed when you lost my bags though, it was a bit of a downer at the end of a long day and to be honest, I didn't need it

Or the extra delay it caused


Pearl City, Hawaii, United States #949962

LOL, hilarious and sad but true brother.Hopefully this hasn't spoilt your taste for the Hawaiian Islands.

And you may take solace in the knowledge that while you may have been qualified to manage GO airlines, it would have been short-lived.

They are no more.

Aloha - Shawn

Go Airlines - Patd

Not resolved

This is the worst airline I have ever travelled with and I have long lots and lots of miles.My flight was elayed four hours (as, it seems, were about every other Go airlines flight that day on Oahu.

They kept extending te departure time every half hour or so. The terminal they are in is like being in a thirf worl country and there is no direct access to the main termnal. You sit and wait with nothing to do but stew. Once we finally boarded, there was no apology and then they had the audacity to offer water for a fee.

This airline is not worth the twnty bucks you might save by using them.

Go Airlines - Don't Fly Go!

Carlsbad, California 2 comments
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Wow! I have never run into a less competent airline. These people couldn't run a bicycle-rickshaw taxi service, let alone an airline. If you're spending a lot of money to come and enjoy the islands, don't do what I've done, which is book interisland flights through go. They'll be at least an hour late most of the time. My first Go flight, last week, was more than an hour late. However, today one flight left 12 minutes early, and so I missed my connection. I watched my aircraft pull away as I was arriving on another - they couldn't hold it for two minutes.

Why? Because they don't care. At all! Not even a little. No apology for allowing an aircraft to leave 12 minutes early, consigning me to an later flight. This is, fortunately, the last flight I've booked with Go, and I will never, ever book another flight with them, or with any other Mesa Air Group airline.


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First off, tags "standard" size carry-ons at the store explicitly state they fit "most" aircraft, not all.It is a CanadaAir Regional Jet, so thank the Canadians for smaller over-heads :] Most airlines in the world charge for bags, deltaʻs second bag per person is, I believe, $90, and this, once again, is due to rising fuel costs which the airline must compensate for by charging for bags.

Bags must completely fit into the overhead. If your bag is deemed too big, pay. Would you rather it become a safety issue? Lets say your bag is too big and too heavy?

In flight, turbulence could knock the bin open (since you would probably try to shove ur oversized bag into the overhead and damage the lock on the bin by forcefully shoving or even trying to make it fit) and the bag could come flying down on ur head, or someone elses...hello, safety issue!!!! And yes, like all airlines, refusal to pay a baggage fee can lead to denied boarding, which is a right on the part of the agents. Passengers that gate check their bags either checked in online, skip the ticket counters and head straight for the gates, or at the kiosk where agents cannot always monitor bags, because we are human, and extremely busy. On the ramp, as you saw, these bags were taken away last minute and could not be charged.

Y? because, one again, your bag is too big for the smaller aircraft and it would be a safety issue to even try to shove it in the overheads. There are certain rules of etiquette that must be followed, especially at the aiport! If you try an raise a fuss, try and do it as calmly as possible.

Would you want to be on an aircraft with a disgruntled passenger who was literally screaming and swearing? you dont know if they could be psycho and raise *** on the aircraft... wouldnt that make you fear for the safety of your family? After sept 11th, airport staff need to take extra precautions.

Law enforcement wouldnt have been called unless you really raised *** cuz its a serious matter.Overbooking is a common, and unfortunate, airline business tactic that ALL airlines do because their is a high no show factor.


I could not agree more!!!

The reason they do that is they'll overbook, and start to fill their seats with standby passengers.

Just got back from the Islands, and had to take their CRJ200 from Honolulu to Maui. To start, you'll be socked with their baggage charge, as absolutely NON of existing carry-on pieces will fit in their 19"x11"x9" box. My 5-yr old son could fit in it, but they insisted that I could not even TRY to fit the luggage on-board and had to pay first. On my return trip, I decided to object to their practice, as that I knew that my pieces would fit in the over-head, but then I was threatened that I would not get on the plane by Mr. Geramiah who would not give me his full name.

They then labeled me as a problem passenger and called the cops (no kidding), and "lied" that I was threatening the agent, while all I was saying was that many passengers had walked in with bigger pieces than mine, only to leave it on the tarmac without paying a fee.

My Father-in-law was stuck at the airport for 6-hours on standby because they gave his seat away, as we reserved the ticket on Mokulele and not Go and their reservation system is not yet in sync, which makes that.... correct MY PROBLEM!!!

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