I was scheduled to fly on flight YV 1007 on August 2nd from Lihue to Honolulu, continuing on to Kona (with the same flight number). From the beginning, it was a disaster:

(1) The flight from Lihue to Honolulu was cancelled without notification.

(2) Customers received no apology from any Go! Airlines representatives for the cancellation.

(3) Passengers were forced to wait in line at Lihue Airport for more than 3 hours while Go! tried to charter another flight.

(4) After finally chartering a flight from Island Air, passengers were sent to the Island Air desk for check-in. However, Island Air did not receive the booking information from Go! Airlines for another 45 minutes, during which passengers were again forced to wait.

(5) By the time we entered the secure area in Lihue Airport, the restaurants were closed, and so passengers went hungry.

(6) We were told that there would be a connecting flight scheduled from Honolulu to Kona, but never received updates about the departure or arrival time of this flight. When I asked the Go! representatives, they were unable to provide accurate information.

(7) Go Airlines staff were inexcusably trained. I received scowls and bad attitudes from three different staff members at the check-in gates. Also, at the check-in desk in Lihue, one of the Go staff moaned that they should find new jobs. Further, the other staff at the Lihue check-in threatened to call the transport police because another customer was "giving her attitude." Finally, while customers waited in limbo in Honolulu without updated information regarding the connecting flight to Kona, the four or five Go representatives at the gate laughed continuously within earshot of all the passengers, without even the pretense of sympathy for our condition.

(8) Despite waiting in Lihue for four hours and another hour and a half or so in Honolulu, we received no food, only a free bottle of water.

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